Sunday, May 21, 2006

Abortion a lone speed bump as Democrats nominate Ritter

Greeley - Colorado Democrats railed against the national Republican Party as they nominated Bill Ritter for governor along with a slate of statewide candidates at the state party's general assembly Saturday. Ritter, who was unopposed, became the official nominee with a vigorous defense of Democratic principles and a humble plea. "When I was in court, I would stand up and say, 'I'm Bill Ritter, and I'm here for the people of Colorado,"' the former Denver district attorney said. "That was my responsibility then. It is my mission now." Ritter stormed the stage to "Born to Run" by Bruce Spring steen. His half-hour acceptance speech included a video of his personal story and a call for better teacher pay, health care for all Coloradans and punishment for employers of illegal immigrants.

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