Sunday, May 28, 2006

Most Powerful Weapon Against Abortion

I received an e-mail from a pro-life woman who voiced concern that she is not a public speaker or writer who can champion the anti-abortion cause. So she asked: What is it that I can do to help? This is such a necessary question, for there are many who wonder what they can do to help rescue the unborn children. After all, its an overwhelming problem. The enemy is vocal and strong. Our allies are continually fighting the good fight of faith. So what can we all do to assist those babies in the womb? We can pray. Prayer is the mighty force. It informs the heavenly Father that we depend upon Him for wisdom and strength. Prayer also unlocks our intercessory concern for another the self-giving prayer rather than the self-serving petition. We all can pray every day. We can pray throughout the day.

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