Monday, May 15, 2006

Second front in abortion war?

The old brick building at 829 Webster St. in downtown Fort Wayne has been ground zero in the local abortion battle since the Women's Health Organization opened a clinic there nearly 28 years ago. Now, however, a second front has opened in the city's abortion war. Perhaps sparked by new state regulations, it's mostly a guerilla war for now – or, to borrow a phrase from President Bush, perhaps even a pre-emptive war. But the fight could escalate soon, depending on one man's "choice." And that man is George Klopfer, the Crete, Ill., osteopath who performs abortions in South Bend and on Webster Street at Fort Wayne's only abortion clinic. According to Allen County records, Klopfer paid $319,200 for the former Custard Insurance office at 2210 Inwood Drive on March 31, 2005, and is advertising "completely safe and confidential abortions" from that location in phone books distributed this month.

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