Friday, June 09, 2006

South Dakota Ousts Pro-Abortion Lawmakers

Residents of South Dakota took a stand for life in this week's primary election by voting four lawmakers out of office who voted against an abortion ban. They were replaced by strong pro-life politicians. State Sen. Stan Adelstein of Rapid City is one of those voted out. Chris Hupke, family policy councils representative for Focus on the Family Action, said the Republican lawmaker had been honored by Planned Parenthood for being pro-choice. Adelstein lost his reelection bid by 174 votes to conservative Elli Schwiesow. "As a Republican, Adelstein is known as the most pro-abortion and pro-gay legislator in the state Legislature," Hupke said. "The great thing about Schwiesow is she ran as a Christian. She ran as a pro-life, family-values candidate and was very outspoken about her faith." The other three lawmakers who voted against the abortion ban and were defeated were Clarence Kooistra, J.P.

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