Sunday, July 09, 2006

Decriminalised abortion tops Emily's wish list

THE decriminalisation of abortion in Victoria will be "top of the list" for an influential women's lobby group should the Bracks Government be re-elected in November. Former premier Joan Kirner told the 10th anniversary party of Emily's List in Melbourne yesterday that more campaigning needed to be done on women's reproductive rights after the ban was lifted on the abortion pill RU486. "We have in Victoria a very big hill to climb next year, which is the decriminalisation of abortion — that is next year's target," she said. Ms Kirner praised the achievements of Emily's List, a Labor Party fund-raising and lobby group that has raised $4 million in 10 years. "Equity, diversity, equal pay (for women), equal access to quality child care, choice — they're the things Emily's List decided to stand for," she said.

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