Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Democrats to discuss Balloon Track and abortion issues Wednesday

The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee will take its turn weighing in on the Balloon Track at its regular monthly meeting Wednesday night.The committee will solidify its plans to inform both elected officials and the public about its stand on the Balloon Track, previously expressed in a resolution that was passed overwhelmingly in March. The resolution states that the elected representatives of Humboldt County have the obligation and responsibility to protect the water, land and air so that current and future generations can live healthy and productive lives in the county. It also states that the community has the right to require that all commercial property owners clean up pollution they created or for which they assumed responsibility, such that the water, land and air are returned to the condition they were in prior to their industrial use.The resolution further notes that the Balloon Track property is the largest remaining undeveloped Waterfront acreage in Eureka and is contiguous with the newly revitalized Downtown, making the area important public space.

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