Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Divided on abortion

A third day of anti-abortion rallies and counter-demonstrations in Jackson on Monday saw nine arrests, tires slashed, a false report that a fetus had been found in a downtown bank and a lawsuit filed against the city. Operation Save America, formerly Operation Rescue, has planned eight days of demonstrations in Jackson aimed at closing the state's only abortion provider, the Women's Health Organization at 2903 N. State St. The clinic was closed Monday, but OSA supporters demonstrated outside the facility with graphic signs, bullhorns and singing. Several demonstrators were given citations for violating the city's special event and sign ordinances, and in some cases, obstructing traffic. Protest leaders on both sides of the debate were angered by the police response. "This is police gone wild - we are dealing with a force that is absolutely renegade," said the Rev.

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