Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pro-choice demonstrators counter anti-abortion protest

GLENS FALLS -- Demonstrators expressing opposition to abortion are not an unusual sight in front of the Planned Parenthood office on Warren Street, but passersby heard both sides of the issue on Monday.Roughly half a dozen area citizens gathered in the afternoon on the sidewalk holding signs that read, "Celebrate Independence, Celebrate Choice," and, "Support Accessible Health Care, Support Planned Parenthood."They were there, for the second time this year, to show that the anti-abortion protesters who frequently gather on Warren Street aren't the only ones who care about the agency and its services."We're here to let Planned Parenthood know that there are people here in the community that support them," said Lisa Beale of Glens Falls. "Planned Parenthood provides health care to people and counseling to individuals who don't know what they want to do." .

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