Friday, July 07, 2006

Study Finds Record Abortion Levels In Britain

London, England (AHN)-Abortions have reached record levels in the U.K., and nearly a third of women who have an abortion have had one or more before. Department of Health statistics reveal that abortions in England and Wales rose by more than 700 in 2005, from 185,713 in 2004 to 186,416. According to the statistics, more than 1,000 girls under 15 had an abortion, an increase of 4.7 percent in a year. Meanwhile, some 31 percent of women had one or more previous abortions, a figure that rises to 43 percent among black British women. The figures come amid calls from a cross-party group of MPs for a rethink on the abortion time limit. Patrick Leahy, spokesman for Student LifeNet, the pro-life group, tells the Daily Telegraph, "This record high number of abortions is undoubtedly due to a dramatic increase in the number of early abortions.

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