Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why would a woman choose an abortion?

I once knew a girl who had an abortion at a cushy clinic in Regent's Park, where they provide flowers and champagne along with "the procedure". She was treated so royally she came out saying, "When can I have another?" Seems like it's getting that way, with the trend of repeats. That was a pattern emerging in this week's record abortion figures. More women are now repeating the abortion experience: a third of women seeking terminations have had them before. Put aside the polemics. This is not about pro and anti. It's about the phenomenon that abortions are at a record level every year, as every year they rise higher than before. In reaction, the Family Planning Association has called for better contraceptive NHS services. But it won't affect the trend. Termination is now just part of the menu of "choice", and not something apart from contraception.

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