Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The W.Va. GOP is at odds over abortion

ONE longtime Democratic Party operative in West Virginia was positively gleeful in her e-mail to me. She and other Democrats are enjoying watching the Republicans fight and fuss among themselves over abortion. But how can this be? The Republican Party still lays claim to being the pro-life party in West Virginia, even though the state's Democratic governor is also pro-life. The pro-life plank is strongly affixed in the party platform. This coming weekend, the state Republican Party Executive Committee meets to choose a new chairman. The race is between Dr. Doug McKinney and Mark Scott. McKinney is believed by many to have the edge, but then last week the abortion issue flared. The powerful West Virginians for Life organization sent a letter to each member of the executive committee saying it does not consider Mc-Kinney to be pro-life.

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