Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nigeria: Safe Abortion - CAUP Fights to Save Women's Lives

Complications of unsafe abortion accounts for 30 to 40 per cent of maternal deaths in Nigeria. And the rate of maternal death in Nigeria is currently put at 800 maternal deaths per 100,000 life births. The highest in the world. Addressing health reporters over the weekend in Lagos, the Executive director of Campaign Against Unwanted Pregnancy (CAUP) Dr. Boniface Oye -Adeniran lamented that unsafe abortion (which is mostly induced abortion) often occurs in young people (age 10-24) and many die in the process due to complications since many of these abortions are done with the help of quacks. "No less than 750,000 induced abortion occur annually in Nigeria, and I in 4 of these ladies experience serious complication and later death" the CAUP director pointed out, adding that most of these untimely deaths can be stopped if there is provision of accurate and adequate sex education in all secondary schools.

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