Sunday, August 06, 2006

Plan B: Just Another Abortion Pill

With the possibility of the FDA approving the "morning after pill," or "Plan B" for over the counter sale, I find it important to point out that there is a debate to be made here. Liberals would have the American people think that Plan B is simply a contraceptive, meant to prevent conception, and that conservatives are just being moral bigots who want to force their religious beliefs on poor women in rural areas. However, Plan B is not just a contraceptive, Plan B has every possibility of causing an abortion, and is therefore an abortion pill.Liberals go on and on about how conservatives want to take away a woman's right to choose. However, in the Plan B debate, they say that conservatives are just being silly. Plan B isn't even an abortion pill! They say. One user on the liberal blog "The Daily Kos" elegantly stated, "...this fundamentalist bulls--t over Plan B ( which does not even cause an abortion) is of no surprise to me." Another said, "It needs to be screamed to the heavens that Plan B is not the abortion pill. It kills nothing. It harms nothing. No life is lost.

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