Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Abortion No More: How I Became Pro-Life

I used to buy what the media told me, so it made sense to be pro-abortion. I believed that (a) it was a woman's body and her right to choose, (b) we didn't know when life began, so we couldn't say it was murder to kill an unborn child before it was born, (c) it was simply a form of retroactive birth control. Besides, if you're having sex outside of marriage (which I was for a time back then--before choosing God's way and before I met my wife), it made for a very handy "escape hatch" in case something went wrong. But after I realized doing things my way was a self-destructive dead-end and told God I'd try to do it His way if He'd help me, I had a change of heart that put me on a quest for the truth, rather than simply what fit within the narrow box I wanted to live in. When I expressed my pro-abortion views to a Christian brother, he educated me on some things about abortion that the media somehow never got around to telling me.

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