Sunday, October 01, 2006

Abortion: A child's perspective

Before I begin to explain what my son said here, it needs to be mentioned that I brought up this subject. Someone hurting babies is not something a 5 year old endeavors to think about. My son will be represented by the word SON The conversation went a little something like this: Me: "SON, what do you think about babies in a mommy's body?" SON: "They're good." Me: "Do you think they are alive in there?" SON: "Yes. They are asleep." Me: "Do they have dreams?" SON: "Yes." Me: "Are they alive even when they are little-little?" SON: "Yes, they turn into beans." (sidenote-he's seen the sonogram picture where he represents a small bean and wanted to know what that little body was) Me: "SON, what would think if someone tried to hurt a baby in a mommy's body?" SON: "They should be in trouble.

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