Thursday, October 12, 2006

Abortion Regrets: Haunted by the Image of a Child

Some time ago in an article in the Sunday edition of the Rapid City Journal, Sam Hurst spoke about a friend of his named Kate Looby, who had received a cool reception when she attempted to relocate the Planned Parenthood facility in Rapid City. He stated she wanted the clinic to be more accessible to women than the site that existed at the time of his article. He spoke of her detecting his anger after learning of the refusal by some businesses in Rapid City to allow Planned Parenthood to open up shop next to them. I wondered why a man would be writing about his anger and the supposed injustice that had come his friends way, particularly since he could never have personally experienced the abortion that Planned Parenthood provides; I thought he had no real perspective. I thought to myself, Mr.

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