Sunday, October 08, 2006

Magazine Sparks Abortion Debate

ROCKFORD -- A list of a thousand women across the nation who've had abortions is featured in next week's edition of the women's rights publication "Ms. Magazine." Rockford activists on both sides of the abortion debate surprisingly find some common ground. Common ground on the long term effects. The Ms. Magazine article is meant push abortion-rights issues at a time when many question the supreme court's commitment to the Roe vs. Wade decision. But here in Rockford both pro-choice and anti-abortion advocates say decisions to have an abortion or not have life long impacts. And women don't always hear that story. Renee Scrivano had an abortion 18 years ago. She says, "It's my right as a woman to have a choice, but I also believe that in this political event, we don't get all the facts and we're all told the truth." Denise Northrup, who is against abortion, says, "It was all about where I was thinking I was going, taking care of the situation.

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