Sunday, January 14, 2007

Abortion: A male perspective

Abortion is a topic I have strong opinions about. Some may argue, however, that my opinions are unimportant, first, because I am male, second, because I have never impregnated anyone, and third, I don't have the worries of becoming pregnant. I want to banish these absurd arguments. Just because someone's gender is male doesn't mean that he's not intelligent or informed enough to pass judgement on the matter. If I were to be in a situation where my partner was pregnant, I would not be irresponsible about it. I would not tell her it's her fault and that she will have to deal with that problem. So the options are almost as much mine as they are the potential mother's. The term 'pro-life' is really laughable, if it is used in the context of simply being against abortion. To me, I am pro-life because I respect the fact that a child should only be bought into a world if it can be looked after and provided for sufficiently.

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