Sunday, January 28, 2007

As We See It: Abortion vote was misguided

Our argument is a simple one: that abortion is a personal decision and the government has no right to intrude. In 2003, the most recent date available, 848,163 legal abortions nationally were reported to the Centers for Disease Control. Estimates for the total number are higher, perhaps more than a million. According to the CDC, only one death resulted from a legal abortion. Those figures, as well as our belief that an individual's moral choice ought to be the deciding factor when it comes to abortion, argue that legal abortion ought to remain legal in the United States. So once again, we find ourselves agreeing with the intent of a City Council action, but in near disbelief over the way the council acted. We received dozens of letters to the editor last week reacting to the council's 5-2 decision.

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